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The Scripting Situation

On the previous blog entry the subject of scripting was brought up. I was going to answer there, but the matter is complicated enough to merit an entry on its own. First, a bit of background. Qt and QtScript We're using a library called Qt. Qt covers pretty much...

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We’re starting a developer blog

Hello, Dale here! We've had several requests during meetings to be a bit more public about what we do and what our long term plans are. I personally go over some of my work at the developer meetings I hold, but not everyone attends those, so I'll be trying to post...

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2020: Year in Review

Vircadia was founded in December of 2019. It was created with the understanding that we, the users, would need an open source foundation to stand upon as virtuality comes to fruition. Through much hardship and perseverence, Vircadia's community has accomplished much....

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This week in Vircadia: 2020.3.1 Release

What's new?Let's run through the highlights for this release! Mouse Capture API With the addition of a mouse capture API, it is now possible to have first and third person camera views for desktop users. This is just one more addition to the API and feature set of...

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This week in Vircadia: Community Village Project

A Shared Living SpaceThe concept of metaverse is not simply only to have many worlds, but rather the primary allure is that metaverse is connected. Therefore, our goal is that we may have infinite servers, but we can share each server with many people. Because after...

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