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This week in Vircadia: Community Village Project

A Shared Living SpaceThe concept of metaverse is not simply only to have many worlds, but rather the primary allure is that metaverse is connected. Therefore, our goal is that we may have infinite servers, but we can share each server with many people. Because after...

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This week in Vircadia: Inventory & Worlds

Inventory & Bazaar App Content is king This app focuses mainly on being a URL store that links back to the copies of items on their own CDN servers. This allows for effortless sharing between users without ever copying or moving actual files. The next component to...

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2020.2 Asteria Alpha Release

Stretching our wings Summary   We've been hard at work getting together this new release! We have a new versioning scheme that you can read about in the release notes. You can view the full release notes here. Create App Now has tabs for entity properties. (#193)...

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