Project Athena

XR Engine

For virtual reality & desktop

Project Athena is a 3D interface and server solution that allows for vast social & educational environments to be created and lived in while also being shared in real-time with others.



It’s yours forever.

Desktop & VR

Use hardware you’re used to.

Inworld Building & Scripting

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3D Spatial Audio

Seamless binaural audio, no tinkering required.

Future-Oriented Engine

Created with tomorrow’s lifestyle in mind.


Apache 2.0

Make your own world

In Project Athena, there are inworld 3D building tools available for you to arrange and set your world up according to your tastes live with your friends.

Also available is the ability to hot-reload all scripts, so that you are able to quickly edit and test your creations without ever restarting or taking the world offline.


2021.1.1 Eos Released!

What's new?We've added quite a few features and fixes in this release. Here's a sample. New Onboarding Wizard Vircadia's tutorial now has a wizard that lets you configure your graphics settings and display name when you first start. This will help improve the overall...

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First Release of 2021! 🎉

What's new?2021.1.0 is the first major release of the year, aptly named "Eos" after the goddess of the dawn. This release is incompatible with previous versions, so be sure to download the latest client and upgrade your server! Let's run through some highlights for...

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The Scripting Situation

On the previous blog entry the subject of scripting was brought up. I was going to answer there, but the matter is complicated enough to merit an entry on its own. First, a bit of background. Qt and QtScript We're using a library called Qt. Qt covers pretty much...

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Is there an avatar creator?

We are still in the early stages so currently, there is not. However, there are avatars to pick from that you may start with. You can bring your own avatar or modify one that you are given!

Do I have to host the world myself?

Since the metaverse is decentralized, that means you can host your world the same way you do a website. You can find someone willing to host it (equivalent of a webhost) or you can rent a VPS from the thousands of server providers worldwide.

Alternatively, you can host it from your home. The choice is up to you!

Do I need a virtual reality headset?

No, you do not! Most experiences can be used directly from your computer and the build tools are created especially for desktop use. The client has been optimized to work on low-end hardware as well.

Are there bugs?

There are bugs. We are in alpha and under active development to make this a place that we can all call home! We are a volunteer team made up of contributors from all around the world working to make this dream a reality.



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