Stretching our wings


We’ve been hard at work getting together this new release! We have a new versioning scheme that you can read about in the release notes. You can view the full release notes here.

  • Create App
    • Now has tabs for entity properties. (#193)
    • "Alpha" property added to the "Shape" entity’s editor. (#215)
    • "renderWithZones" property added to all entities. (#274, #369)
  • User Activity Logging system has been separated from the crash reporting functionality. (#257)
  • Various QML branding updates. (#277)
  • Gridchat is now muted by default. (#287)
  • Grabbable property on entities is now disabled by default. (#344)
  • Flying in VR is now enabled by default in new Interface installations. (#394)
  • Zone Occlusion feature added: You can now have entities within a zone become culled if you are not within specified zones. (#78)
  • Models now support flipped normals on double sided geometry. (#301)
  • Models now support blendshapes. (#62)

There are many more features and changes completed that are not listed here!

✨ Check out the full release notes! ✨

We’re moving faster!

Many new developers have been joining the project and are gaining experience with the platform. As such, we’re building up steam and picking up speed. This release took two months to release as opposed to the prior four months for our first alpha release. 🚀

We are all metaverse pioneers. We want to move quickly and effectively to create the foundation for our future lives in the new virtual reality.

Bugs to squash!

As is expected, the software is in an alpha state and is therefore bound to have some bugs running around. You can help us to improve the platform by submitting detailed reports about any issues you find. 😊

Anyone can contribute.

The interface and server are programmed in C++, Qt, and JavaScript.

Interface provides a JavaScript API that enables every aspect of the world to be altered. Web technologies can also be used to create interfaces in desktop and VR.

The Metaverse API which handles user accounts and group management for domains is being programmed in C#.

The interface launcher (in development) is an Electron app created with the Vue.JS framework.

All of these components come together to form the Vircadia FOSS ecosystem. They work in tandem but are distinctly separate.

Contributions and help are valued for all aspects. Testing, platform building (Windows, Mac, Linux), feature additions, and bug fixes are all things that help improve this project for everyone! 💖

Let’s build worlds; for one, for all.

Questions? Thoughts?

We hold developer and community meetings regularly.

All are welcome to observe, participate, and so on at meetings and get togethers. Come join us as we pursue making the metaverse future a reality!

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Alexander Bialowas on Aug 8, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Thank you so much for your work, every person for working on this.

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