Metaverse Server “Iamus”

Ready, Code, Test, Go?

High Fidelity Inc. is going to spin down their online services shortly as they continue to move forward with their next endeavours.

As such, Vircadia will stretch her wings and fly the nest. Thanks to the hard work of MisterBlue, Project Iamus has seen major strides in its development as Vircadia’s metaverse server.

Now, it’s in a good enough shape for us to start testing! Fingers crossed that all will go well as we stabilize this foundation. Keep your eyes on Discord for how you can help!

Metaverse <-> Content

Replacing the old with the old and new!

We’re deploying more and more assets to the vircadia-content repo so that not only can the responsibility of asset management be shared across the community, but so that future developers and users of Vircadia will have an easy time of deploying a full asset library for the platform.

Oh, and of course we’re adding new assets as we move towards making a FLOSS content marketplace available to all. With a lower barrier to entry, people can create worlds that they find useful and enjoyable now. With a solid starting point, every ounce of investment into the world from there becomes far more valuable!

Explore App UI Overhaul

Amazing what some polish can do!

Thanks to Madders, we now have an overhauled Explore app UI powered by Vue.js and Vuetify. While beautiful, it’s still in the testing and feedback phase. So, it will not be available for 2020.2.5 Asteria. However she should be good for the following release. 🙂

A New Release!

It’s got features ‘n stuff.

Our upcoming release for Vircadia’s Interface and Domain Server is 2020.2.5 Asteria.

It’s got some nice technical improvements alongside some neat user facing stuff. It includes improvements to the entity updates pipeline (this helps with things like vehicles!), improved implementation of blendshapes on glTF models thereby making glTF avatars more viable (hooray open standards!), and much more.

Thanks to this month’s contributors!

Join the Open Source Metaverse Revolution

Vircadia is an open source metaverse platform. It is a cross-platform ecosystem, with support for Web natively for end-users and all other platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux) for developers through SDKs.


We need documentation writers! The platform is constantly evolving and has plenty of documentation to help new users and veteran develoeprs alike take full advantage of it. Even the small things make a huge impact.

If you are multilingual, our international users could use your help!

If you simply want to help out on small things such as typos, errors, short guides, etc. your help and participation is appreciated!


We need developers! Vircadia has many components, you can contribute to any of the following:

  • Web Interface
    • Interface created with Vue & Quasar
    • HTML + TypeScript
    • Engine utilizes Babylon.JS
  • Server
    • C++
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Metaverse Server
    • TypeScript
  • Web SDK
    • TypeScript
  • Unity SDK
    • C
    • C++
    • C#

Engine. Platform. Metaverse.

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