Inventory & Bazaar App

Content is king

This app focuses mainly on being a URL store that links back to the copies of items on their own CDN servers. This allows for effortless sharing between users without ever copying or moving actual files.

The next component to be added to the app is the “Bazaar” section. This is a marketplace of freely licensed sripts, models, and various other assets created and shared by the community to be acquired for deployment and building in your world.

I expect it will be rough around the edges to start, but overall the foundation is solid and will see constant improvement. Next week, I hope to have a prototype to share with everyone!

World: Hayashi

Metaverse needs worlds to live in!

Novajone has been with the Vircadia platform from the beginning, constantly constructing and prototyping new worlds. Recently, he has been hosting movie nights with Kenneth Rougeau here at the newly created segment of TheSpot called Hayashi.

It’s a cyberpunk build drawing much inspiration from the upcoming CyberPunk 2077 game and Blade Runner. With luck, this will become the first roleplay world in Vircadia, utilizing the rollout out of social and combat features for the platform.

The future seems to be quite bright (but it may just be all the inevitable neon in the world!)

Upcoming Features

What’s in the pipeline?

This is by no means a complete list, here are just a few highlights that come to mind…

  • New TAA to enable improved visual fidelity for the whole world; this is especially noticeable in VR!
  • Automatic Maximum Texture Size scaling to allow for better performance and experience across all worlds.
  • Transparent Web Entities to enable the creation of web-based user interfaces using tried and true web standard libraries like Vue, React, etc.
  • Mouse Capture system that will enable first-person and third-person shooter style camera functionality. This will be a welcome addition for social, gaming, and professional users alike.
  • And that’s not all! Drop by our meetings to see all the things we’re up to!

Thanks to this month’s contributors!

Join the Open Source Metaverse Revolution

Vircadia is an open source metaverse platform. It is a cross-platform ecosystem, with support for Web natively for end-users and all other platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux) for developers through SDKs.


We need documentation writers! The platform is constantly evolving and has plenty of documentation to help new users and veteran develoeprs alike take full advantage of it. Even the small things make a huge impact.

If you are multilingual, our international users could use your help!

If you simply want to help out on small things such as typos, errors, short guides, etc. your help and participation is appreciated!


We need developers! Vircadia has many components, you can contribute to any of the following:

  • Web Interface
    • Interface created with Vue & Quasar
    • HTML + TypeScript
    • Engine utilizes Babylon.JS
  • Server
    • C++
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Metaverse Server
    • TypeScript
  • Web SDK
    • TypeScript
  • Unity SDK
    • C
    • C++
    • C#

Engine. Platform. Metaverse.

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