What’s new?

Let’s run through the highlights for this release!

Mouse Capture API

With the addition of a mouse capture API, it is now possible to have first and third person camera views for desktop users. This is just one more addition to the API and feature set of Vircadia to support its many use cases, such as gaming.

Create App’s entity list in the Startup Festa 2020 world

Create App

The Create App has been updated with some minor performance improvements alongside some new features: the addition of copy, cut, paste, and duplicate buttons for VR; with undo and redo buttons for both desktop and VR users. This is especially helpful for faster and more effective building in-world.

The “Facility” by Novajone

A prototype gun by Novajone

Server <-> Metaverse

With the launching of Vircadia’s metaverse server, we’ve added a lot of functionality into the ecosystem. However, as expected, it’s been a bumpy ride. So, we’ve included some updates in the domain server to help correct some of the issues with connecting your domain server to the metaverse!

There have been many other changes in the ecosystem.

You can view the full release notes here.

What’s Next?

The next release will include (but is not limited to!) the following…

More Create App Improvements!

Thanks to the work of Alezia Kurdis, we’ll be seeing many more updates with expansion of selection handling and actions for entities to further improve the experience for world creators.

Upcoming: Hierarchy view for the Create App’s entity list

Upcoming: Hierarchy view for the Create App’s entity list

Upcoming: Actions dropdown for the Create App’s entity list

Upcoming: Actions dropdown for the Create App’s entity list

Entity Update Performance

The ongoing project of HifiExperiments has been to improve the rendering engine. Currently underway are performance upgrades for general quality of life but also to help bring us one step closer to making things like advanced vehicles with avatars possible in a fully networked and synced environment.


The VR HUD is getting some much-needed quality of life improvements, thanks to CtrlAltDavid, to ensure it stays in your view!

Thanks to this month’s contributors!

Join the Open Source Metaverse Revolution

Vircadia is an open source metaverse platform. It is a cross-platform ecosystem, with support for Web natively for end-users and all other platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux) for developers through SDKs.


We need documentation writers! The platform is constantly evolving and has plenty of documentation to help new users and veteran develoeprs alike take full advantage of it. Even the small things make a huge impact.

If you are multilingual, our international users could use your help!

If you simply want to help out on small things such as typos, errors, short guides, etc. your help and participation is appreciated!


We need developers! Vircadia has many components, you can contribute to any of the following:

  • Web Interface
    • Interface created with Vue & Quasar
    • HTML + TypeScript
    • Engine utilizes Babylon.JS
  • Server
    • C++
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Metaverse Server
    • TypeScript
  • Web SDK
    • TypeScript
  • Unity SDK
    • C
    • C++
    • C#

Engine. Platform. Metaverse.

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