Vircadia was founded in December of 2019. It was created with the understanding that we, the users, would need an open source foundation to stand upon as virtuality comes to fruition.

Through much hardship and perseverence, Vircadia’s community has accomplished much. Here is a sample of some of the things that have happened in the past year!

6 Major Worlds & Events

Startup Asia X 001 & 002

Not simply a virtual conference, but a curated and trusted network, built with a strong desire to showcase startup companies that have both collaboration and co-creation in mind.

This event showcased startup companies supported by startup hubs, ecosystem builders, and startup programs from Japan, Taiwan, India, and other regions.

NDN World

SWAIA hosted their yearly Santa Fe Indian Market virtually this year.

a dreamlike representative amalgamation of Santa Fe style, the Community Convention Center and a sea of walls bearing the actual artworks from artists featured at this year’s market. Embodying an avatar, users can walk right up to the pieces and get information on when they were made, by whom, what awards they might have won at Market this year and so on.

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Cerec Asia 2020

Industry attendees who joined this virtual dentistry professional expo were able to walk around exhibitor’s booths, exchange virtual business cards, watch informational YouTube videos, browse vendors’ websites, and download various marketing materials. All these interactions happened in real time with 3D spatial audio.

Startup Festa 2020

Okinawa Prefecture hosted Okinawa Startup Festa Virtual, the first APAC startup conference to be hosted with both online virtual reality and a physical event simultaneously.

Startups and partners from 4 cities across Japan and Taiwan met virtually to showcase their startup ideas in a virtual pitch event.

Coming Soon: NDN World – Winter Market (December 2020)

SWAIA will host their first ever virtual winter market using Vircadia. The focus will be on buyer & artist interaction to help shed light on the meaning behind the many art pieces being showcased for purchase.

People will be able to attend from anywhere on the globe.

Dozens of community worlds

Vircadia’s community of creators have deployed dozens of worlds. Many are ongoing projects and are constantly evolving.

  • Basinsky’s Halloween Experience
  • Hayashi
  • Community Village
  • Vircadia Tutorial World
  • And more…

Thousands of commits

From documentation to code, our contributors have made thousands of commits to the fledgling Vircadia project.

What’s next? 🍻

Focus is on continued improvements to the user experience and overall support of Vircadia on multiple platforms. There are also many new systems and features on the horizon.

Features such as full social and federation integration are on the roadmap for the Vircadia metaverse infrastructure.

Ulimately, I expect that virtual worlds will be tightly coupled with centrally controlled social networking. This will be most likely implemented through major corporations with strong ties to their host governments. To get ahead of the curve and prevent central control of virtual worlds from being the only real option users have, federated social systems integrated tightly with our virtual existence will be a priority.

There are many other projects being actively developed within the Vircadia platform ecosystem as well. Hop in world or join our Discord server and see what’s cookin’. 😉

Thanks to this month’s contributors!

Join the Open Source Metaverse Revolution

Vircadia is an open source metaverse platform. It is a cross-platform ecosystem, with support for Web natively for end-users and all other platforms (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux) for developers through SDKs.


We need documentation writers! The platform is constantly evolving and has plenty of documentation to help new users and veteran develoeprs alike take full advantage of it. Even the small things make a huge impact.

If you are multilingual, our international users could use your help!

If you simply want to help out on small things such as typos, errors, short guides, etc. your help and participation is appreciated!


We need developers! Vircadia has many components, you can contribute to any of the following:

  • Web Interface
    • Interface created with Vue & Quasar
    • HTML + TypeScript
    • Engine utilizes Babylon.JS
  • Server
    • C++
    • HTML + JavaScript
  • Metaverse Server
    • TypeScript
  • Web SDK
    • TypeScript
  • Unity SDK
    • C
    • C++
    • C#

Engine. Platform. Metaverse.

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