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virtual realities for one, for all.

Vircadia is a full coverage ecosystem of open source applications that enable individuals and organizations to deploy their own virtual world solution.


Open Source Solution

Vircadia Web Interface

Coming soon!

  • Support low-spec PCs
  • With your web browser, join the same world as desktop users

Vircadia Web SDK

Coming soon!

  • Integrate Vircadia’s Server and ecosystem with your web app/client using a simple module

Vircadia Server

  • 16km³ of space
  • Hundreds of people
  • Realtime interaction
  • Web Dashboard

Vircadia Metaverse

  • Manage users
  • Manage worlds
  • Material Web Dashboard

Vircadia Interface

  • Desktop or VR
  • Brand / Customizable Deployments
  • Windows, Linux, and MacOS

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Spatial Audio

All voice audio in Vircadia is spatialized by default. Have a chat or experience concerts as they are meant to be heard!

Hundreds of People Together

Vircadia’s virtual worlds can scale to hold hundreds of people in the same space without instancing.


Your users’ avatars can be changed on the fly and come in any style. You can also make use of avatars provided by our partner, ReadyPlayerMe.


Vircadia’s worlds are among the largest with 16km³ of build space.

All building and scripting of your world happens in real-time. This means that building is quick, efficient, and collaborative.

One Server; All Platforms

Vircadia worlds can be accessed from Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Android, iOS, and Quest 2 support is coming soon.


Unlike most platforms, Vircadia is 100% open source with the full software stack necessary for a premium metaverse experience licensed as Apache 2.0. Because of this, all aspects of the project can be customized for your use case.

News and Updates

First Release of 2021! 🎉

What's new?2021.1.0 is the first major release of the year, aptly named "Eos" after the goddess of the dawn. This release is incompatible with previous versions, so be sure to download the latest client and upgrade your server! Let's run through some highlights for...

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2020: Year in Review

Vircadia was founded in December of 2019. It was created with the understanding that we, the users, would need an open source foundation to stand upon as virtuality comes to fruition. Through much hardship and perseverence, Vircadia's community has accomplished much....

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This week in Vircadia: 2020.3.1 Release

What's new?Let's run through the highlights for this release! Mouse Capture API With the addition of a mouse capture API, it is now possible to have first and third person camera views for desktop users. This is just one more addition to the API and feature set of...

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Developer Blog

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Sponsors & Partners

Virtual Realities for one, for all.

Virtual Conference

Startup Asia X

Not simply a virtual conference, but a curated and trusted network, built with a strong desire to showcase startup companies that have both collaboration and co-creation in mind.

This event showcased startup companies supported by startup hubs, ecosystem builders, and startup programs from Japan, Taiwan, India, and other regions.

Virtual Conference

Okinawa Startup Festa

Okinawa Prefecture hosted Okinawa Startup Festa Virtual, the first APAC startup conference to be hosted with both online virtual reality and a physical event simultaneously.

Startups and partners from 4 cities across Japan and Taiwan met virtually to showcase their startup ideas in a virtual pitch event.


NDN World

a dreamlike representative amalgamation of Santa Fe style, the Community Convention Center and a sea of walls bearing the actual artworks from artists featured at this year’s market. Embodying an avatar, users can walk right up to the pieces and get information on when they were made, by whom, what awards they might have won at Market this year and so on.

Virtual Expo


Industry attendees who joined the virtual expo were able to walk around to exhibitor’s booths, exchange virtual business cards, watch informational YouTube videos, browse vendor websites, and download various marketing material. All of these interactions happened in real-time with 3D spatial audio.

Virtual Worlds

Owned by you

Most offerings will lend you virtual worlds on a subscription basis. You lose access to your rental when the subscription ends.


Vircadia is different. Our ecosystem is comprised of Apache 2.0 licensed components. This means an investment into the Vircadia platform is an investment into your organization.

Open Source for Business

People in one world

Apache Licensed

Virtual Toolkit

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Virtual Realities for one, for all.
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