Early Access Alpha

For virtual reality & desktop

Vircadia is an open-source 3D interface and server solution that allows for vast social & educational environments to be created and lived in while also being shared in real-time with others.


Virtual Realities for one, for all.

Meet People & Make Friends

In Vircadia, there are people that you can meet, chat, and play with from every corner of the globe in VR or desktop!

Use Custom Avatars

Whether it’s anime, human, anthropomorphic, or something completely original of your creation!

Create Your Own Worlds

Whether it’s a home, a venue, a city, or something in between… with Vircadia you have the largest building space of any metaverse platform. (16 km^3)

Host Events

Whether you want to do movie nights or have a regular get together with your club, this is the perfect place to meet in your own custom world or a pre-existing meeting world!

Mainstays of Metaverse

3D Spatial Audio

All voice audio in Vircadia is spatialized by default. Have a chat or experience concerts as they are meant to be heard!


Unlike most platforms, Vircadia is 100% decentralized with the full software stack necessary for a premium metaverse experience under Apache 2.0.

Inworld Creation

All building and scripting of your world happens live. This means that you and your friends can shape it live around you, together.

More Platforms

Windows, Linux, OSX

Vircadia works on many devices and platforms. You do not need a VR headset to create and enjoy social VR; you can use one when and however you see fit.

News and Updates

2020.2 Asteria Alpha Release

Stretching our wings Summary   We've been hard at work getting together this new release! We have a new versioning scheme that you can read about in the release notes. You can view the full release notes here. Create App Now has tabs for entity properties. (#193)...

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A Metaverse Thought

A Commitment The road to metaverse is a hard one. We all want it, we all see it, we can almost feel it. But for many reasons, it is ever so illusive. What does "metaverse" mean? Why should it exist? Before answering those questions, I want to answer the question: who...

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First Alpha Release

Ready. Set. Metaverse. In these troubling times, virtual worlds for co-working, meeting, and socializing are more important than ever before. The team has been hard at work to produce the first release of Vircadia, codename “Project Athena”. It’s a bit rough around...

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Crafted in Vircadia

Virtual Conference

Startup Asia X

Not simply a virtual conference, but a curated and trusted network, built with a strong desire to showcase startup companies that have both collaboration and co-creation in mind.

This event showcased startup companies supported by startup hubs, ecosystem builders, and startup programs from Japan, Taiwan, India, and other regions.

Virtual Expo


Industry attendees who joined the virtual expo were able to walk around to exhibitor’s booths, exchange virtual business cards, watch informational YouTube videos, browse vendor websites, and download various marketing material. All of these interactions happened in real-time with 3D spatial audio.


NDN World

a dreamlike representative amalgamation of Santa Fe style, the Community Convention Center and a sea of walls bearing the actual artworks from artists featured at this year’s market. Embodying an avatar, users can walk right up to the pieces and get information on when they were made, by whom, what awards they might have won at Market this year and so on.

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Virtual Realities for one, for all.