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  • Q3 100% 100%
  • Q4 0% 0%
Browser Sharing

Implement Graphics.captureTexture

(Maybe this captures a texture from the surface of any entity.) Alternatively… Limit it to capturing from a webEntity only for now.

 Implement Graphics.writeTexture

Metaverse Federation

Implement ActivityPub for…

What’s needed and in what order?

Tracking for this year’s Roadmap has started late. A great many things have been added/improved in Vircadia for the year of 2020. You can find information about this in the release notes and the git repo.

The Roadmap is meant primarily to set goals and to aid in fulfilling them. It will not take into account all added/pending features, but rather things that we do not want to forget and want to keep in mind in parallel to all of our other work.


Where we’re going.

What’s next?